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August 05, 2020

The Atlanta Daily World was established as a daily newspaper in 1932 by publisher William Alexander Scott, II, who was murdered in 1934.

Today in Black America - February 22

POSTED: February 22, 2018, 9:30 am

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Today in Black History: Rep. Adam Clayton Powell (D-NY) is denied his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives for misuse of funds on this date in 1967.

The New York Times


‘How Many Children Have to Get Shot?’ Father Asks Trump

11 Moments in a Day of Confrontation Over Gun Violence

Marco Rubio Is Jeered and Lectured Over Gun Control

Where the N.R.A. Speaks First and Loudest

Kushner and Kelly Grapple Over Access to Sensitive Secrets

Black Lung Disease Comes Storming Back in Coal Country

Trump’s Pick to Lead Indian Health Service Withdraws Nomination

Senior Republican Calls for E.P.A. Chief’s First-Class Travel Files


Black History Month Menu at N.Y.U.: Kool-Aid, Watermelon and Controversy

The Geography of Segregated Baseball in New York

Congresswoman Says Many Mass Murderers ‘End Up Being Democrats’

Unemployment: For the older professional who had everything

Jobs picture looks good for many, but not everyone is invited to the party

'Enough is enough.' After Florida school shooting, Philly-area students and teachers mobilize

New Pa. congressional district map could be challenged by Common Cause, NAACP on civil rights grounds

Pa. Republican echgoes conspiracy theory about school shooting survivors

The Detroit Free Press

The conspiracy theory about Florida shooting survivors that won't end: 'Enough is enough'

Attorney calls Macomb deputy clerk ‘cuckoo’ after lynching threat on voice mail

250,000 Michigan jobs may be gone forever, despite economic rebound

Activists protest R. Kelly at Detroit's Little Caesars Arena: 'Black girls do matter'

The Star-Ledger

N.J. students say #neveragain, walk out in solidarity with survivors of Florida shooting

Students help lead gun law protest at N.J. congressman's office

Screw the NRA and those who defend it! Ban assault weapons | Editorial

Another Republican enters race to succeed Frelinghuysen

Hired, then fired, hours later. Under Murphy, teachers' union gets veto power | Moran

Blackface, N-word on social media spark probe at South Jersey school

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Lawmakers, hospitals concerned insurer denying more ER claims

Cleveland City Council members impatient over police hiring pace, despite plans for five cadet classes in 2018

Westlake High School students hold walkout to protest recent gun violence

Jackson Township 7th grader who shot himself in middle school bathroom has died

Kent State University creates college and career academies in Akron high school

The Chicago Tribune

'Gun laws in this country are broken': Chicago-area high school students stage walkouts to demand action

Days after Parkland shooting, Illinois Democrats move toward licensing gun stores

McCarthy 'cover-up' accusations on Laquan McDonald case don't square with prior remarks

Sinclair Broadcast will sell WGN-TV, New York station in bid to buy Tribune Media

The Los Angeles Times

GOP rattled by Pennsylvania congressional race in the heart of Trump country

A quick political guide to what's next for the 'Dreamers'

L.A. Unified rushed to rebuild cafeterias, then fought for years to recoup excess costs

L.A. lawmakers pledge 222 units of homeless housing in each of their districts

Proposed L.A. ordinance would ban bigotry, discrimination in city

The Washington Post

‘Fix it’: Students and parents tell Trump to address gun violence

Trump doubles down on idea of arming some teachers, tweets ‘ATTACKS WOULD END!’

Rubio faces critics, warms to new firearm restrictions in town hall

How a survivor of the Florida school shooting became the victim of an online conspiracy

Dana Loesch, the NRA’s brash spokeswoman, dials back the rage at CNN town hall

Does the Second Amendment really protect assault weapons? Four courts have said no.

Some conservative media figures complain after Twitter suspends thousands of suspected bot accounts

Trump’s claim that he’s been ‘much tougher on Russia than Obama’

A superintendent threatens to suspend students protesting gun laws. But that’s not legal.

D.C. public hospital board plans to go to court to avoid releasing meeting records

‘Enough is enough’: Hundreds of students travel from Maryland to the Capitol to protest gun violence

Race for Maryland’s Democratic gubernatorial nomination is wide open

Former Montgomery lawmaker Valerie Ervin to join Kamenetz’s gubernatorial ticket

Interim chancellor aims to finish District’s school year smoothly

USA Today

Amy Poehler tells the NRA what they can do with their Leslie Knope meme

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