today in black history

January 20, 2018

On this day in 2009 Barack Obama took the oath of office as the nation's first Black President,

Today in Black America - May 9

POSTED: May 09, 2018, 1:00 pm

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Today in Black History: Abolitionist John Brown was born in 1800, and would later in life lead a daring raid on the U.S. arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia.

The New York Times


6 Takeaways From Tuesday’s Primaries

When Tax Breaks Spawn Jobs, Local Residents Gain Little

Trump Abandons Iran Nuclear Deal He Long Scorned

NEWS ANALYSIS: Behind Trump’s Termination of Iran Deal Is a Risky Bet

Editorial: Where’s That Better Deal, Mr. Trump?

Trump Puts His ‘America First’ Imprint on Foreign Policy

Trump Lawyer Got $500,000 From Firm Tied to Russia Mogul

Russia Tried to Undermine Confidence in Voting Systems, Senators Say

A Woman Said She Saw Burglars. They Were Just Black Airbnb Guests.


Schneiderman Made Himself Trump’s Foil. What Now?

Cuomo Asks for Special Prosecutor to Investigate Schneiderman

Big Donors Form New Alliance to Seize House From Republicans

City Councilman Goes to Bat for Journalists on Information Requests

Livestreaming police surveillance video sparks privacy, racial profiling concerns

Alternative-school chief with ties to Fattah, Jr. guilty of embezzling $800K in Philly school funds

One of Pa.'s largest counties hasn't sent a rep to Congress for years. These candidates are likely to change that.

Former Friends' Central teachers sue school after firing over Palestinian professor invite

Gov. Wolf unveils $1.5M grant program to reduce gun violence

The Star-Ledger

Body found in car confirmed to be mom missing for 5 months in possible abduction

Trenton mayoral election isn't decided at the polls, will head to runoff

With corruption scandal behind the city, Paterson votes in new mayor

Ras Baraka claims 'touchdown' in Newark mayoral election

The Chicago Tribune

15-year-old girl shot to death on porch in Englewood

Emanuel has just four choices to fill City Council seat, including Madigan ally

Reputed gang member charged in Friday shooting of ATF agent; brother also arrested on drug charges

ERIC ZORN: Laquan McDonald's past has no place in Jason Van Dyke's trial

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

What is Cleveland already doing to help kids learn? Say Yes to Education wants to know

Cuyahoga County Democratic voters pick 4 judicial candidates for November

Cheryl Stephens, a Cleveland Heights Council member, wins primary race in Cuyahoga County District 10

Cuyahoga County voter turnout at 19.5 percent with two hours to go

The Washington Post

Trump muses about yanking news media credentials in response to study about negative coverage

The Fix: Trump is trying to strong-arm the news media

CIA nominee says she would obey her moral compass, not Trump, if told to carry out questionable activities

The Daily 202: Primary results confirm 2018 is a terrible year to be a House Republican

The Fix: Blankenship lost, but that doesn’t mean the GOP is rid of its Blankenship problem

Hours into his new job, Trump’s ambassador to Germany offends his hosts

U.S. affiliate of Russian firm hired Trump’s attorney Cohen

Nordstrom Rack apologizes after calling the police on three black teens who were shopping for prom

Perspective: An officer’s response to a pregnant woman was ‘demeaning and offensive.’ Why her race matters.

Alexandria moves forward on renaming Jefferson Davis Highway

Without fanfare, anti-harassment bill signed into law in Maryland

The Los Angeles Times

EPA's move to fast-track Orange County groundwater cleanup questioned

California's would-be governors play it safe in the last real debate before June's primary

California heads toward requiring solar panels on all new houses

Jordan Peele promises 'a new nightmare' with sophomore film 'Us'

Deal with workers averts one-day strike that could have shut down L.A. schools

USA Today

Blankenship loses, voters want to drain the swamp and more: Takeaways from Tuesday’s primaries

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