today in black history

September 20, 2020

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is stabbed in a Harlem store while promoting his autobiographical book “Stride Toward Freedom” in 1958.

Today in Black America - June 21

POSTED: June 21, 2018, 9:00 am

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Today in Black History: Carl Stokes, the first Black mayor of Cleveland, Ohio was born in 1927.

The New York Times


Trump Retreats After Border Policy Outcry

What Trump’s Executive Order Does and Does Not Do

G.O.P. Dislikes Separation. It Likes ‘Zero Tolerance’ More.

Hundreds of Children Quietly Sent to New York

Immigration Supporters Flock to Meet Children in New York

In Trump Era, Talk Gets Ugly and Angry, Starting at the Top

As Cruz Runs Again, Trump Still Makes Things Complicated

Bloomberg to Back House Democrats With $80 Million

Unarmed 17-Year-Old Fatally Shot as He Ran From East Pittsburgh Police


New York City Sues Landlords Who Refuse Government Vouchers

For First Time, New York City Teachers Will Get Paid Parental Leave

Teachers Need More Training Than Rules Allowed, Judge Says

Top Middle Schools Must Take Struggling Students, City Says

Philadelphia school district to clean six buildings, demolish another found to be dangrous to staff, students

After Trump-Kim summit, Philly-area family asking 'What about my brother?' could finally get an answer

Armstrong: So who's behind this black-owned firm tapped to find city's missing millions?

This Jersey city is trying to revitalize its waterfront, starting with apartments, not everyone is happy about

The Detroit Free-Press

These failed CEOs got fat payouts to walk away

AG's Office: MSU 'wrongfully withholding' documents and impeding inquiry of Nassar matter

Waterford crowd slams changes to Mich. school social studies standards

In debate, Dems decry Trump border policies that sent infants to Michigan

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

9-year-old girl fatally shot in Cleveland

Non-minority population in U.S. and Ohio shrinks, new census estimates show

ICE arrested 146 workers at Ohio's Fresh Mark meat plant

It will take weeks for 146 arrested in Ohio ICE raid to see judge, lawyers say

Cleveland-based tech company helps first generation college students get leg up in admissions

The Chicago Tribune

Chicago activists decry Trump move that will keep families together but still in detention

Millennials are largest age group in Cook County, census shows. But will they stay?

'How do we trust you?': Lawmakers lash out at CPS officials after young women tell of abuse

Family lawyer: Critically wounded teen could have lived if paramedics 'did what they were supposed to do'

EDITORIALS: Illinois' ignorance about concealed carry shootings

The Star-Ledger

Merging 191 of N.J.'s smallest towns? It's on the table. Here's which ones would get the ax.

Your inside look at all the ways this Murphy-Dems budget brawl and shutdown drama can play out

N.J. teacher pay among highest in U.S. But some say that paycheck isn't enough to survive

Hoboken mayor censured for 'unethical' conduct by N.J. Supreme Court

The Washington Post

The Take: He’s been a GOP adviser for decades. He wants Democrats to win in November.

White House to propose merging Labor and Education departments as centerpiece of government overhaul

Analysis: Why Republicans have long wanted to shut the Education Department

Analysis: In retreat on family separation policy, Trump’s focus was on looking strong

The Fix Analysis: Trump administration changed its story no fewer than 14 times before ending the border policy

Senate rejects billions in Trump spending cuts as two Republicans vote ‘no’

Police in East Pittsburgh fatally shoot 17-year-old Antwon Rose as he flees traffic stop

Initiative 77 tipping wars in D.C. move from campaign to Council

Maryland governor’s race exposes divisions over how Democrats can win

‘Unite the Right’ organizer gets approval for rally anniversary event in D.C.

Two school board races in Montgomery County contested on primary ballot

The Los Angeles Times

Nearly 100 children separated from parents at the border are in L.A. area, most of them detained, advocates say

Trump's order to end his family separation policy was purely political — not a change of heart

Federal judge is skeptical of Trump administration arguments against California's 'sanctuary' law

In a first, LAPD voluntarily releases body camera video of a suspect who died in custody

USA Today

Young immigrants detained in Virginia center allege abuse

Pittsburgh communities angry after cops shoot unarmed black teen

Meghan McCain: Trump's rally line about her father is 'gross'

'Was that a man or a woman?' Trump mocks protester at Minnesota rally

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